Panera bread

This is a creative re-imagining of the brand identity and packaging design for Panera Bread. Panera's philosophy is "food the way it should be," so I designed the packaging to be "packaging the way it should be": sustainable and reusable.

New Logo

I sought to keep it familiar as with the original logo with the handwritten font, but updated it and the colors to bring a new, more energetic feeling to it.





reusable packaging #panerajar

Panera salads will now be served in jars, which can be reused at home or brought back to the store for a discount on more items. Customers can also get discounts by sharing what they do with their jars at home on social media using the hashtag #panerajar.


reusable packaging bag

Believe it or not, this reusable bag is made from recycled materials: 8-HZ rPET fabric made from bottles found in the ocean. Customers who use the bag get a discount every time they use their bag.


non-plastic coating

The paper products will not be coated in the traditional way with plastic, but instead with KOTAMILLS non-plastic coating. This will go on the cups used for soups and pastas, the paper bags used for pastries, and the paper wraps for sandwiches.


full circle

What happens if the jars or the bag get damaged, doesn't that just cause more waste? Not at Panera, bring back the broken reusable items and they will be replaced and reused. The bag gets sent back to the factory to be broken down and remade again. The broken glass from the jars will be turned into bio-glass that will be used for countertops at new Panera locations.

Screen Shot 2019-01-08 at 3.23.20 PM.png