Lightning in a bottle

Lightning in a Bottle is a transformational music and arts festival that is extremely eclectic, bringing in one of the most diverse crowds I’ve ever seen. I tried to capture that in my design. This project is a creative re-imagining for the festival's brand identity, installation art, and collateral.

visual sound bath installation

This was inspired by sound bath meditation, which takes place at LIB. Everyone lies down under a tree and a group of people use primitive instruments to make sounds around you. I sought to create a sound bath like experience wherein people could experience the whole festival at once while watching footage from the festival.

New Logo and typeface

I designed this typeface for this project, to embrace the eclectic vibe of the festival.





poster series

These posters were inspired by the visual sound bath installation. The stills were taken directly from the projections. The typeface was the one I designed for this project.

Wall 1469 2019-04-19.jpeg

LIB website

The website is meant to be accessed before the festival, to buy tickets and get more information about the festival before going.

Brochure 0262-1 2019-06-30.jpeg
Plus Brochure 8004 2019-04-19.jpeg

lib app

The app is meant to be used at the festival. It has all the lineups and information. You can plan what sets, lectures, or classes you want to attend while you're there and save any new favorites you find. You can also access a mobile version of the map if you don't have your festival guide with you.

festival guide

The festival guide is given to guests upon arrival, the cover opens up to reveal the festival map, while the inside has all the lineups and activities. The lineups and activities can also be found in the LIB app.




Billboard 0045 2019-04-19.jpeg

business cards

Business Card 0373-1 2019-06-30.jpeg
Business Card 0373-1 2019-06-30-3.jpeg
Business Card 0373-1 2019-06-30-2.jpeg