about me

The girl with too many interests. That’s me. It often confuses people, but it helps me be better at what I do. I got a psychology degree and then went back to school for design, while doing that I decided to get my personal training certification. This means I’m an graphic designer who can analyze how designs will work psychologically and understands the human body and the athletic world. I used to do stand-up comedy, that means I am very comfortable with public speaking. I knit, crochet, and sew which helps me understand 3D objects and fashion. I nerd out over ComicCon and the Seattle Seahawks, so I am somehow a jock and a nerd, I can show up dressed as wonder woman and talk about fantasy football.

Having so many interests makes me a better designer. The best part of being a designer is that not only can I work on designing for my passions, but it introduces me to new ones as well.


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